Welcome to my little world.

Helping people is my thing.  I absolutely love seeing others grow and progress and I cherish being a small part of that journey.  I’m really excited to share the insight I’ve gained from my life experiences thus far and even more excited to garner knowledge from all of you.  I love different perspectives!
Like almost everyone else on the planet, I’ve been through a lot of suck.  A LOT more than most in my own circle even know about.  Most of it self inflicted in some way, shape or form.  I consider every bit of pain, trauma and stress I’ve been though a blessing.   It has been a huge part of my personal and professional growth.   If allowed, pain and discomfort can be some of your greatest assets.  I wish I would have realized this concept long ago.  Embrace the suck!
Authenticity is huge for me.  It’s how I do business, choose friends and is basically what I’ve built my life around.  The irony here is that as an empath, I’m a closet introvert and fiercely private.  It is very difficult for me to articulate my personal thoughts externally or share my feelings with others.  But, internally?  I’m freaking Edgar Allen Poe.  I’m painfully self aware of every aspect of me.  Sharing my truth with others makes me feel so vulnerable.  Overcoming that fear is one of the reasons I am here.
So, as we peel the layers of this onion I call life, my hope is that someone else gets something out of it too.  Whether it be encouragement, advice, a dose of reality, a laugh or even just comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your suffering.
I’m so looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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